My Wedding Plans


So, as mentioned in my Introductions & Hello’s, I’m getting married!!

The wedding will be taking place in Spring this year, so plenty of time to save and get some crafty bits done. We’re on a fairly tight budget with it at the moment, and we’re looking to have quite a long honeymoon; the less we can spend on the wedding the better!

So, the plan is to DIY as many things as possible; I’m planning to DIY the flowers for the wedding (we’ll be using artificial, they can be kept as a keepsake), table/room decorations, seating plan, invitations and place cards. I want to try and keep the flowers and decorations as simple as possible because of this, it can quickly get out of control money-wise, at which point you may as well have rented the decorations and bought fresh flowers.

I’ve been browsing Pinterest for inspo on flowers and I think I’ve found what I’d like: Lavender, Pink Peonies and White Lilies; button holes will be a couple of stems of Lavender with gold glitter ribbon to hold them together. Simple yet effective.

Table decoration-wise I’m not quite decided, I was thinking of simply putting some candles with glitter around the bottom on a mirror charger plate and calling it a day, but I’ll have to have a closer look at this. The same goes for seating plan and place cards.

As for the invitations, between myself and my fiance, we decided to use Vistaprint; they had the perfect design for the theme we’re going for and it meant we didn’t have to spend hours choosing a design, making the invitations and then post them out to everyone. We simply chose the design, customised the text to our requirements and have them ready to send out to our guests.

Onto the bridesmaids

On a slightly more organised note, I have already bought the bridesmaid’s dresses. They were only off eBay, but are lovely quality. The same for the accessories, gold waist belts at £3 a pop, can’t really argue with that.

All three of my lovely friends are wearing purple dresses; two are wearing a more lilac colour and one more of an aubergine (don’t quote me on these colours, I’m not particularly good at describing them!)

That’s all the DIY plans I have so far, I’ll keep you updated as and when things change, other than that I just have to let the time pass and enjoy the ride on the way. Please feel welcome to share your ideas & suggestions in the comments!

Have a lovely day,

Catch up with you soon,