How I was inspired to create new goals

My Goals

I’ve already been working on a few things, somewhat sticking to my New Year’s resolutions; I’m currently working on:

  1. Saving enough money to cover my wedding & honeymoon
  2. Following a healthier lifestyle
  3. Reading more

So far these are going great, my partner and I are saving regularly and not going overboard with wedding spends; I’m getting quite into my walking at the moment; and I’ve read 3 books so far this year (I know, that’s a low number for some, I just couldn’t find a book I liked enough to keep reading).

My Inspiration

I recently watched a TED talk which inspired me to set some new goals and create this blog (give it a watch/listen if you like!).

To outline the TED talk, it says ‘If you want to try something new, or create a new habit, try it for 30 days’ meaning that you work on it every day for 30 days; if you find it boring, or a drag after the 30 days, then stop and try something else. Its’ best example was writing a novel, you could write a novel in 30 days, it may not be the best story you’ve ever written, but you’ll be able to call yourself a novelist.

From this, I’ve been able to set some smaller, more manageable goals; I love languages and have always wanted to be able to speak another one, not just English. So, after being inspired by this talk, I have been using Duolingo consistently for 23 days and honestly I am thoroughly enjoying it! This will definitely be something I’ll keep doing.

Once those 30 days are up, I’ll be uploading a post on what things I want to try for 30 days, and reviewing my 30 days of language learning.

I’ll keep you posted,

Catch up with you soon,



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