Stationery essentials when starting a new project

Since this is a new blog, it’s given me the perfect excuse to buy all-new stationery! I love using brand new notepads, pens and paper to plan a new project, it’s like a fresh start; a new page in a book (if you’ll pardon the pun). To start off on the right foot, I think the following items of stationery are essential if you’re starting a new project and want to get organised:

  1. A Diary
  2. A small notebook
  3. A special pen/set of pens
  4. Sticky notes
  5. A new folder

I’ll be using these to not only keep on top of things here at My Project Self, but also everyday goings-on. Creating a life planner for myself, if you will.

A Diary

I’ve decided to go with a small 18-month Moleskine diary;  it’s on the pricier side of diaries, but because the diary started from when I set up ‘My Project Self’ – it’s perfect.

In my Moleskine diary, one page is dedicated to being a diary, to put in appointments etc. Whereas, the opposite page is just lined paper, perfect for writing ideas and other useful information down.

Another diary I’d recommend are ones by a company by ‘Dodopad‘. Their designs are a little quirky, they include jokes & quotes on every week page, and they encourage users to doodle all over the book

A set of pens you like to use 

For my diary I have chosen four pens to colour code tasks, to-do’s, ideas and miscellaneous. I need to set up a method of tracking these writings so I thought colour coding would be the best place to start. Just need to find a way to record and use the info…

Here’s a picture of the pens I use, next to the diary for scale (fun note, the pens are placed in order of preference, you can’t go wrong with a good rollerball pen!)

Sticky notes 

Sticky notes-wise I’ve still not settled on a set I like, I was thinking of going fancy with a fun design from ‘Paperchase’, or just simply some small colour-coded sticky notes (I will update in a future stationery post).

A new folder

I’m not talking ring binders or lever arch, I’m talking digital. I think it’s essential to set up a good filing system for new projects to keep your files organised and reduce information clutter. Personally, I prefer digital folders in cloud storage over paper; files are accessible virtually anywhere and can be edited with ease (you’re unlikely to be caught out without that vital file or piece of information).

Let me know if you want to see how I use cloud storage to organise my files/life

However, if you’re more traditional, a personal planner may be for you; & if you’re also into blogging there are loads of free printable blog planners out there to help you either get started or get organised.


How do you organise your projects? 


Have a lovely day,


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