How I’m planning to be successful this year

Taking a leaf out of Kimmy from She’s in her apron, this year I want to ‘Be’ in all aspects of my life in 2018. Whether that’s being present for my Husband-to-be, or being successful with My Project self. I’d just like to ‘Be’.

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Professional Goals

I’ve already covered this in a previous blog post, but the outline of this is that I want to increase my outreach. I’d like to be creating a newsletter, or dipping into creating YouTube videos… I could be a YouTuber by the end of the year!

Also, I’d like to create a mailing list and interact with similar blogs across the internet. I’d like to actually be contributing to the community if you will.

Furthermore, I had a major setback in 2017, unfortunately I lost my job. So this year I’d like to find a job or, failing that, go back to University to study for a Master’s degree. Initially I wanted to take a year out to develop my career, which it has been nearly two years. I’m ready to get back to education I think.

Personal Goals

As mentioned in another post, I’ve been practising learning German, I love languages and think it’s wonderful to be able to communicate globally. So I’d like to continue learning, with a view to be fluent (not within the space of a year, mind).

Another personal goal I’d like to achieve this year in learning the basics of writing Javascript, I think this would form the basis to a successful blog, if I understand the workings. For this, I’ve been using a website called codecadamey, which has a range of free courses all to do with computing skills.

Lastly, I’d like to lose the Christmas weight and then some, further posts to follow on that one!

Goals for the Home

In 2018 I’d also like to make some home improvements, my partner and I have been living in our current house for two years, but still have the previous owner’s décor. I’d like to make the place our own this year and finish decorating.

I’d also like to be more consistent with meal planning and cleaning schedules. Currently I make a meal plan, don’t stick to it and end up with a bunch of ingredients that don’t go together at the end of the week. The same also goes for consistent cleaning, I have a schedule printed and pinned up in the kitchen (ha!) but don’t seem to be sticking to it well at all.


So, the overall summary of this is that I’d like to get organized, be involved in my life and get on with it!

Let me know what your goals for 2018 are!

Have a lovely day,